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500K Apps = 10 Billion Downloads

Ever since I opined on the miraculous growth of apps last October, I continue to be amazed with Apple’s staggering 10 billion (and growing) app downloads.  I stumbled across this incredibly interesting and nerdy infographic that shows that only 500,000 apps have generated these impressive download numbers.

Below is only the beginning of a very long infographic that illustrates a timeline and history of Apps.  In the complete version, you’ll learn that:

  • An estimated 4.5 billion apps sold in 2010, generating $6.8 billion in revenue
  • An estimated 15 billion apps sold in 2011, generating $19.7 billion in revenue
  • An estimated 21.6 billion apps sold in 2013, generating $29.5 billion in revenue
  • Of the nearly 400,000 apps live in May 2011, 62% are paid

While Android apps continue to grow, I fear that they will be catching up for a long time to come.


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