Who says  life used to be simpler?  I pretty much buy that statement lock, stock and barrel.  I think it’s difficult to refute that life is getting more complicated!

I came across a really cool set of data that illustrates this progression towards complexity in the context of the embattled music business.  In a nutshell,  in 1979 when there were 4 different revenue streams derived from music.  In 2010, that number of revenue streams has ballooned to 14!

On the one hand, it’s utterly intimidating to observe how fragmented the music space has become to  get and enjoy music. It’s no wonder that the seasoned industry execs sound like such old coots when they talk about the glory days! On the other hand, it’s terribly exciting to see that there are so many different ways to participate in the music business.  Call me optimistic, but where there is such massive disruption there is massive opportunity.

So I say bring on the complexity and let the innovators out there make some sense out of it.  Because in the case of music, people will ALWAYS somehow get and enjoy tunes that fit those little moments in this complex world.  And that demand will somehow be met – and profitably.


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