Here’s another re-run, but I thought I’d toss it out there for further contemplation to ride the UV flurry of news recently…In my previous article, I complained how UV was forgetting the simple customers like my Mom...

We left off in the previous article talking about the confusion of Digital Copy, Magic Codes, DisneyFile Digital Copy, etc.  Let’s now look at some other confusing attempts at creating the future of entertainment and what it means.

Renting digital is even difficult

Take renting a movie from one of the myriad digital services that exist today.  While customers are getting closer to being able to choose from a decent selection of titles to rent, there are still strange rules that are not transparent to customers.  Again, I ask you to put your customer hat on – Why are some new titles available to buy and not rent?  Why are some available for rent later? Why does content disappear if I don’t watch it in 24 hours? Indeed, the industry will reply that windows are carefully crafted to protect revenue streams.  But once again, these rules in today’s day and age are frustrating customers and leading them to opt out of digital entertainment altogether.

My Mom doesn’t care about “elegant solutions”

So why has entertainment forgotten about the end consumer and making life simple and more enjoyable?    Why is this stuff so hard to understand?  I believe that while the application of technology is a fun and engaging puzzle to solve, the industry loves to create “elegant solutions” that don’t really solve customer problems, but rather protect industry interests.  Guess what.  Customers don’t care about elegant solutions. They only care about things that delight and awe without any extra effort.  In short, technology shouldn’t exist for its sake alone; it must be leveraged to create awe-inspiring, magical value props.

If anyone from consortia like Ultraviolet or CMX or DEG or others is reading this, please pay attention to making things simple!

Self-preservation vs innovation

I also believe the entertainment technology industry is putting self-preservation ahead of innovation and flexibility. We all know the broad entertainment industry is in gradual decline.  But unfortunately, the reaction to double digit declines is to hold on even more tightly to the formula that worked in the past – get behind a format change and ride it until the next “big” format wave rolls ashore.  The reality is that the choices and actions that are NOT being made today will likely impact the business in three years’ time.  Given the rapid disruptions that occur in entertainment, the industry can’t afford to wait to act.   Within three years’ time, we’ll be in an even more dire circumstance.

To put it in terms my Mom can then understand, I’ll then be out of a job.  And she definitely understands that.

What do you think?  Why has entertainment technology forgotten about the consumer?


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  2. […] need to address our confusion that the industry itself has unfortunately created.  Even my Mom would appreciate their efforts to make things […]


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