Digital induced madness

I’m feeling a bit snarky after this weekend.  Maybe it’s the weather, or the chaos in Egypt.  Or maybe it’s because I am still so bemused, befuddled, bewildered and be-Fooled  at the whole concept of Digital Copy and why on earth studios are just so stubborn about thinking that customers give a damn about it.

I sat down with the kids to melt my brain to Despicable Me, and was subjected to a 3 minute trailer on how great Digital Copy is and how it’s the future of entertainment on the go.

As I watched the sleek and sexy production, I had to go “pffft” (meaning “as if”) when the trailer walked through a few use cases that no one on earth is going to ever do.  They showed a couple at the top of Mulholland Drive in a convertible, overlooking LA, with their laptop on the dash and watching a movie.  “Take it with you where ever you go” was the voice over.   I had to ask, who the hell is going to bring their laptop so they can watch a movie at the top of Mulholland Drive?

And then, it cut to a scene with a mother shopping in the store while her toddler, safely strapped in the cart, watched a movie on her mommy’s cell phone.  “Now moms can entertain their kids any time on any device.”  What?!  What mom is going to give a toddler a cell phone so that they can watch a movie in the store?  Wait a minute – maybe they are on to something!  With Digital Copy, you never even have to make eye contact with your kid since they will be glued to all your devices to watch movies!

OK, I get the point – watch movies wherever you are.  I’m all for it.  But really, what customers really care about watching movies where ever they are?  Aren’t movies best enjoyed at home, with your family or friends, on a screen that doesn’t cause your eyes to hurt, or your neck to ache, or your wrists to cramp?

This is the crux of the issue for all digital entertainment, Digital Copy prominently included, and for the dozens of companies/consortia out there trying to do something about it.  We’ve got to ask ourselves, who really cares?

By the way, Despicable Me was great.  And the best part was watching it with my kids on a lazy Sunday afternoon.


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