Plugged in, vol 2

As a follow-up to my first post – A Dying Web, Or a Dead One?, I recently found a staggering statistic about our world as it becomes more and more dominated by apps.  According to a blurb at the Apple site, iTunes is approaching the 10 BILLION mark for apps downloaded.   It’s not quite the 13 billion predicted a few months back, but that’s still 9 billion apps since April 2009.  And you could win $10,000 for being the 10 billionth downloader.  I think Apple’s being a bit stingy for only giving away $10K, but I’d take that…

In another “that’s kinda ridiculous” category, the Beatles have already downloaded 5 million tracks at iTunes since becoming available in November.  That’s amazing for many different reasons, and thing I find interesting is that we old fogies are opting to buy these tracks rather than rip our Beatles collections.  It’s certainly not the kids who are ponying up the cash to buy the tracks.  This to me says that there is hope for at least the established acts in digital. Or that we old fogies are just lazy.  Or both.

But sadly, I just heard Steve Jobs is taking another medical leave.  That’s a shame and we should wish him well.  Blame him all you want for what he’s done to the entertainment business – but you’ve got to acknowledge the contribution that he and his lieutenants have made to make electronics sexy and mainstream…

Non-Apple tidbits

In other news last week, I found some jaw-dropping statistics and wanted to share a few dizzying factoids.

Didja know that the social gaming market will surpass $1 BILLION this year?!  These are the annoying casual games like FarmVille, Mafia Wars and others on social networking sites.  Revenues from virtual goods, lead-generation offers and advertising are up 27.7%.

In another silly statistic category, Groupon recently reported it has saved over $1 billion for its customers through the discounts it offers.  That’s pretty sweet.  I’m a member, are you?

In a weird follow up to some earlier inspiration from Julian Assange, an article recently quoted him saying that he was in possession of “insurance files” on Rupert Murdoch and New Corporation.  He also said that WikiLeaks has more than 500 diplomatic cables on one broadcasting organization.  Apparently, he is holding these as his own insurance policy in case something happens to him or WikiLeaks.  This is definitely a story to follow.  By the way, has anyone else noticed that this dude looks totally different in every photo?  What does this guy look like?

What did you guys find interesting this past week?


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