Are you cord cutting?

I am excited to tell you that I just got my Apple TV, and after a relatively easy hook up, I am in business and streaming decent content to my heart’s content.  (Note, however, that if you want to blast your media on your 5.1 stereo, you need to have digital audio inputs.  I just love the way an innocuous $99 purchase somehow leads to a “need” to buy a new $3K in audio equipment.  C’est la vie.)

After playing with it for a few days, I have to say that there is definitely trouble on the horizon for the likes of Comcast.  Cord-cutting is totally for real.  Let me explain.

Cord cutting, for the uninitiated, refers to the trend that customers are canceling their subscription contracts for the likes of Comcast, Time Warner and other paid services.  Comcast recently announced it lost 275,000 customers during the third quarter while Time Warner also expects to see a decline.  The trend, I bet, will continue.

Why we’re cord cutting

Customers are cutting their cords for a whole bunch of reasons – because cable is too expensive and there are cheaper alternatives, because customers can get free to air TV, because there are so many other forms of entertainment competing for time, and because the kids only watch Diego DVDs and hog the TV anyways, to name a few.  Some say it’s because the economy is weak and people are cutting back on entertainment.  Um, yeah, maybe.  I think AppleTV and Netflix is a pretty compelling reason.

So what?

I contend that cable companies are in for some real hurt as soon as people experience the way I am now consuming video through my Apple TV with my Netflix subscription.  Through a very slick Netflix interface, I can not only access my Instant Queue, but I can also choose to instantly stream whatever content Netflix has.  The quality is decent with very little latency to load the stream and no jitter during viewing.

I now finally have TV on demand – and it’s included with my $8.99 monthly subscription to Netflix.  My kids can watch PBS programs over and over again.  I can geek out with National Geographic.  Sure, the content library isn’t super deep, but with Netflix estimated to be spending $1.2 billion to acquire content, that will not be a problem for long.

What’s next?

Yes, I’ll still need some sort of live signal to get sports and news, but I can easily get that free from the air.  So what’s the point in paying a cable or satellite provider for content that I don’t really watch anyways?

Now, if I could only figure out how to cancel my Dish contract….

What are you guys doing?  Cutting cords or nesting with your cable subscriptions?


Comments on: "Are you cord cutting?" (9)

  1. Holiday Blogger said:

    Cutting cords for sure..!!! Why should we pay for things we’re never gonna watch.. Its like paying for the food, you didn’t eat..!!!


  2. I would love to do this. If Apple TV also had Hulu Plus it would be icing on the cake. Alas, I have a weakness for Formula 1 and there is yet no way to see it without the SPEED network.


  3. The cable companies have other ways of keeping people in. They are legislating a NEED for bandwidth caps. This will make it horribly expensive to stream, unless you get their package deal which includes cable, making Streming expensive all over again. They still maintain a large steady fanbase. Dad and Grandma have been using them for years, they’re used to it and they don’t want (or fear) to try this new fanagled fad of ours.
    Eventaully they will have to adapt somehow as the younger generations are less inclined to tolerate them, but it won’t as easy or beautiful as we think. They are good at what they do, which is controlling the custumer(hint: legislation) and making money.


    • Ugh – you bring up a good point…We might be in a nice era right now of unlimited bandwidth consumption – I can stream all I want for one price….for now. I bet we see different tiered packages coming out in the near future. For all those folks like me who stream a ton of data every month, we’ll be forced to buy a Gold Tier package. If we cheap out and buy the Bronze tier, we’ll then pay big overage fees. It’ll be like the minutes packages with our cell phones. I’m going to go now and watch my AppleTV as much as I can before my cable provider puts the kabosh on my joy. Thanks for you post!


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