If you have read my ‘About me’ you will know that I am frustrated with my tech not being easy enough, with constantly having to setup new toys for my friends (they should just work) and the industry not listening to all the average Joe the Plumbers out there. Yet there are lots of exciting projects going on that have the potential to simplify a lot of the technology in our homes.

In one way or another I have been involved in the media and entertainment industry for almost a decade now, although a lot has changed in the way we deliver content and listen to music / watch TV,  not much has changed around what we think when it comes to owning media and protecting it.

I am going to talk about the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to media and entertainment issues. I will cover entertainment and technology innovation and I am also going to write about problems, frustrations and solutions as well as trying to simplify the jargon and explain to you how things work.

I’ll also point out other interesting conversations taking place on the net and try to engage on any issues you bring to my attention.



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  1. Are you able to set up an RSS feed? I like your blog, as well as the aesthetics of it.


  2. Hey thanks btw – are you able to get the feed now?


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